Bring ANY event to the next level with a personal cigar roller.

The Cigar Host is dedicated to providing the greatest hand rolled cigar experience for any event. From avid cigar smokers to beginners, our professional tobacconist will provide the knowledge and customer service to enhance your cigar enjoyment. Each cigar is artfully hand rolled with premium tobacco. We would be honored to bring the elegance and art of cigar rolling to your next event.


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Alan Jacoby
Alan Jacoby
I attended a cigar event a couple weeks ago and had the opportunity to smoke a couple of Joe's handrolled cigars. First I'll say, I'm a cigar collector and avid smoker and I am always skeptical when I see a roller at an event. I'm never really impressed with the smoke. WELL, Joe's sticks are top notch, premium smokes. Joe goes all out with the material and my palate noticed big time! If you are looking for a cigar roller for your event. Look no further! The Cigar Host is it! Stay Smokey My Friends!
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